Dumore Motors Introduces New Series DR250 Custom Permanent Magnet DC Right Angle Gear Motors

New Series DR250 custom fractional horsepower permanent magnet DC right angle gear motors

November 28, 2011

Power your project with Dumore Motors new Series DR250 permanent magnet DC (PMDC) custom right angle gear motors. Made in the USA, the Series DR250 gear motor is a workhorse! It is a compact, single reduction worm drive right angle gear motor capable of continuous output torques to 250 inch pounds, powered by Dumore Motors DM30 permanent magnet motor in voltages from12 to 240 VDC with output speeds ranging from 25 to 125 rpm.

The rugged Series DR250 is geared for success! It's steel and bronze high performance gear train offers OEM's long life durability, quiet operation and unsurpassed quality in a UL Recognized design built in the USA. This efficient right angle gear motor is ideal for battery or AC powered lifting and moving applications, such as medical mobility and many other motion applications, including wheelchair lifts, patient lifts, welding wire feeds, cranes, winches, hoists, conveyors and material handling applications.

Learn more or contact Dumore Motors and let one of our engineers help you select and customize the right DR250 gear motor for your exact application.

Find out why Dumore Motors custom gear motors are recognized worldwide for unparalleled precision and quality craftsmanship, and why customers say our service sets us apart from competition! At Dumore Motors, we make finding the right custom gear motor simple!

The Quality Your Products Demand — At A Competitive Price — Made In The USA!

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