New Intregral Onboard Motor Controllers

Series DM4400 intregral onboard DC motor controllers

March 8, 2012

Unlike other DC motor controllers, the new Dumore Motors Series DM4400 PWM single quadrant microprocessor DC electric motor controllers are an integral part of the DC motor or gear motor.

Available for both 12 VDC and 120 VAC input voltage applications, these DC motor controllers provide the unique feature of integral onboard motor controls, eliminating the challenges in remote placement of a motor control and associated wiring, and the panel space requirements for mounting an independent motor control drive. 

With the new Dumore Motors Series DM4400 DC motor controllers, you get the "complete package" - custom DC motors and gear motors with integral onboard PWM microprocessor DC motor controls - in a single compact, flexible design that easily and cost effectively fits your application  - all at an affordable price!

Custom DC motors and gear motors equipped with the DM4400 DC motor controls are ideal for applications requiring multiple output speeds, such as fans, blowers and conveyers, and applications requiring constant speeds at varying loads like fluid power or pumps.

Additional DM4400 DC motor controller benefits include higher torque at low speed, longer brush life, more precise speed control, fast acting current limit, slow start, higher efficiency, and lower motor form factor; resulting in reduced motor heating and eliminating the need for large expensive filter capacitors. Dumore Motors integral onboard DC electric motor controllers also include adjustable IR compensation, current limit and 3 speed button settings with indicator LEDs, and external inhibit input. Private labeling is easy with an inexpensive artwork change on the DC motor controller front panel.

Learn more about custom DC motors and gear motors with the new integral DC motor controls or contact Dumore Motors and let one of our engineers help you select and customize the right DC motor or gear motor for your application.

Find out why Dumore Motors custom motors and gear motors are recognized worldwide for unparalleled precision and quality craftsmanship, and why customers say our service sets us apart from competition! At Dumore Motors, we make finding the right custom motors and gear motor simple!

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