Commercial Cleaning & Floor Care Motors, Gear Motors & Custom Motor Assemblies

Sample of floor care equipment motors & gear motors

OEMs of vacuum cleaners and commercial cleaning & floor care equipment partner with Dumore Motors to design and manufacture their custom fractional horsepower commercial cleaning / floor care equipment motors, gear motors and custom OEM motor assemblies.

  • Floor care equipment motors
  • Vacuum cleaner motors

In addition to powering their floor care equipment with Dumore Motors custom motors and gear motors, OEMs partner with Dumore Motors for complete custom OEM motor assemblies, to save time and cost in the manufacturing and assembly process.

Dumore Motors custom OEM motors and gear motors for vacuum cleaners and commercial floor cleaning equipment are designed for customization to your exact application, giving you the quality custom DC motor, gear motor or complete OEM motor assembly you need, at the price you expect!

Custom fractional horsepower DC motors, gear motors and custom OEM motor assemblies from Dumore Motors are completely designed and manufactured in the USA and known for their quality and precision craftsmanship.

Contact one of our engineers to start a conversation about your vacuum cleaner motor or commercial floor care equipment motor application and let them help you select and customize the right custom motor, gear motor, or complete motor assembly for your specific need.

Learn for yourself why our customers say our service sets us apart from competition! At Dumore Motors, we work to exceed your expectations and make getting the right custom motor or motor assembly simple!


The Quality Your Products Demand - at a competitive price - made in the USA!