Dumore Motors is a manufacturer of fractional horsepower custom electric motors, custom electric gear motors, and value-added OEM motor assemblies and complete turnkey products, selected by OEMs worldwide across a wide array of markets and applications, some of which include:


Agricultural / Lawn & Garden Equipment >


Agricultural/Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Auger motors and assemblies
  • Cultivator motors and assemblies
  • Deck lift motors and assemblies
  • Edger motors and assemblies
  • Salt spreader motors and assemblies
  • Seed planting motors and assemblies
  • Seed spreader motors and assemblies
  • Tiller motors and assemblies
  • Trimmer motors and assemblies
  • Valve actuators motors and assemblies

Commercial Cleaning / Floor Care >


Commercial Cleaning/Floor Care
  • Floor care equipment motors
  • Vacuum cleaner motors

Cranes, Hoists & Winches >


Cranes, Hoists and Winches
  • Crane motors
  • Hoist motors
  • Winch motors
  • Snow plow winch motors


Construction Equipment / Vehicles >


Construction Equipment & Vehicles
  • Concrete vibrator motors
  • HVAC blower motors
  • Insulation blower motors
  • Insulation removal motors
  • Pump motors
  • Screed blower motors and assemblies
  • Scissor lift drive motors
  • Truck tarp roller motors
  • Trailer brake actuator motors
  • Trailer lift motors


Door Automation / Security >


Door Automation/Security
  • Automatic door motors
  • Door opener motors


Fire Protection


Fire Protection
  • Emergency start solenoid (battery contactor) assemblies
  • Fire extinguishing motors and assemblies



Fluid Power / Pumps >


Fluid Power/Pumps
  • Carbonator pump motors
  • Chemical transfer pump motors and assemblies
  • Explosion proof pump motors and assemblies
  • Fuel transfer pump motors and assemblies
  • Grease pump motors
  • Hydraulic pump motors
  • Pump motors
  • Sump pump motors



Food & Beverage


Food & Beverage/Food Processing
  • Coffee grinder motors
  • Food processing equipment motors





  • HVAC blower motors
  • HVAC motors
  • Air conditioning blower motors
  • Circuit breaker motors



Industrial Equipment >


Industrial Equipment
  • Cable puller motors and assemblies
  • Cloth cutting motors
  • Drain cleaning motors and assemblies
  • Drill motors
  • Grinder motors
  • Industrial equipment vehicle motors
  • Pipe threader motors
  • Pulverizer motors
  • Power switching motors and assemblies
  • Scissor lift drive motors
  • Welding wire feed motors



Medical Mobility >


Medical Mobility



Medical / Health Care


Medical/Health Care



Material Handling


Material Handling
  • Crane motors
  • Conveyor motors
  • Hoist motors
  • Lift motors
  • Packaging equipment motors
  • Warehouse picking cart motors
  • Winch motors



Metal Working / Machine Tool


Metal Working/Machine Tool
  • Drill motors
  • Grinder motors
  • Machine tool motors
  • Torch positioner motors





  • Boat lift motors
  • Boat winch motors
  • Clay pigeon thrower motors
  • Fishing down rigger motors
  • Fishing reel motors
  • Pitching machine motors
  • Ship to shore cable motors
  • Treadmill motors
  • Trailer lift motors





  • Cutter motors
  • Drain cleaner motors
  • Drilling motors & tapping motors
  • Grinder motors
  • Machine tool motors
  • Saw motors
  • Tool motors
  • Welding wire feed motors





  • Cooling pump motors
  • Torch positioner motors
  • Welding wire feed motors

Dumore Motors portfolio of custom fractional horsepower electric motors and gear motors includes permanent magnet DC motors, series wound universal motors, permanent magnet DC right angle gear motors, permanent magnet DC parallel shaft gear motors and permanent magnet DC planetary gear motors.

Each of these custom electric gear motors and motors are designed for customization to your exact application, providing OEMs the quality they need, at the price they expect! And, in addition to powering their equipment and systems, OEMs partner with Dumore Motors for custom motor assemblies and complete turnkey products, to save time and cost in the manufacturing and assembly process.

Dumore Motors custom electric motors, gear motors and custom OEM motor assemblies and complete turnkey products are recognized worldwide for quality and precision craftsmanship, and are all completely designed and manufactured in the USA.

Contact Dumore Motors today to start a conversation about your application and learn for yourself why our customers tell us our service sets Dumore Motors apart from our competition! At Dumore Motors, we work to exceed your expectations and make getting the right custom motors and custom motor assemblies simple!