DP500 Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) Parallel Shaft Inline Gear Motors

DP500 Custom Fractional Horsepower Permanent Magnet DC Parallel Shaft Gear Motors & PMDC Inline Gear Motors

  • Quiet operation
  • High performance gearing for strength and durability in critical applications
  • Rugged construction
  • Optional mounting features to fit all applications
  • Custom design to meet your exact need
  • Competitive pricing


Dumore Motors DP500 custom fractional horsepower permanent magnet DC parallel shaft inline gear motors are heavy duty performers built with an all spur, hardened steel gear train for dependable operation in high torque applications.

The DP500 custom permanent magnet DC inline parallel shaft gear motors are powered by Dumore Motors DM40 permanent magnet DC motor in voltages from 12 to 240 VDC with output speeds from 40 to 500 rpm and continuous torque rating of 500 inch lbs.

Series wound universal, AC, and brushless DC (BLDC) motor versions are also available.

Dumore Motors inline parallel shaft gear motors are fully customized specifically for your application, so you get custom parallel shaft inline the gear motor you need at the price you expect!



The DP500 parallel shaft inline custom gear motors are ideal for lifting applications such as hoists, as well as many other OEM applications, including:


  • Class H insulation (180 C)
  • UL Recognized
  • Specially engineered long life brushes
  • Powered by Dumore Motors DM40 permanent magnet DC motor (4.0" diameter)
  • Rugged aluminum die cast gearbox and end housing
  • Motor quality ball bearings throughout
  • Resilient corrosion proof finishes
  • Up to 0.750" (3/4") standard output shaft diameters
  • Continuous torque rating to 500 inch lbs
  • Hardened steel, high performance spur gearing for high strength and durability
  • High temperature synthetic grease filled gear box for long life


  • Increased power and torque for intermittent operations
  • Custom motor windings from 12 to 240 VDC
  • Fixed or replaceable brushes
  • Custom finishes and colors, including bright zinc, e-coatings, powder coating and wet coatings
  • Face and foot mounting configurations
  • Custom output shaft lengths and configuration, including keyway, flat, double flat or custom
  • Motor shaft extension
  • Stainless steel output shafts
  • Dumore Motors DSW universal series wound, AC or Brushless DC (BLDC) motor options
  • Custom lead lengths and terminations
  • Sealed for IP wash down requirements or weather proof applications
  • Oil filled gearbox
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Electro mechanical brake
  • Encoder
  • EMI / RFI noise suppression
  • Optional gear materials for specific applications


Some advantages of employing Dumore Motors DP500 custom permanent magnet DC inline parallel shaft gear motors include:

  • Quiet operation
  • Heavy duty and compact design
  • Easily customized for your specific application
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • UL Recognized
  • Custom delivery programs, including Kanban, Just-In-Time (JIT)

Contact Dumore Motors and let one of our engineers help you select and customize the right inline parallel shaft gear motor for your exact application. Learn more about why Dumore Motors custom parallel shaft inline gear motors are recognized worldwide for unparalleled precision and quality craftsmanship, and why our customers say our service sets us apart from competition! At Dumore Motors, we make finding the right custom gear motor simple!


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